“We are an Construction company. We are working to build a future where everyone can access energy resources efficiently and sustainably. Our work is based on passion and innovation, on our unique strengths and skills, on the quality of our people and in recognising that diversity across all aspects of our operations and organisation is something to be cherished. We believe in the value of long term partnerships with the Companies and communities where we operate.”


The principles that inspire (ALSHEHAB ALABAYDH)

Since it was founded (SHAB), has been inspired by principles that guide its every move – and make its modus operandi unique. (SHAB) is committed to promote these ideals through trust, reciprocal exchange of knowledge and the sharing of values and objectives. Our actions are always aimed at safeguarding and promoting human rights, respecting safe and fair working standards, protecting the environment and countering corruption.

The values behind our actions

Technological innovation is fundamental to both achieving our objectives and laying the foundations for our future. Every day we go down new roads, each arrival merely a new starting point. We strive for efficiency in all our activities, using our high level of expertise and our financial and energy resources in the best ways possible. We champion the importance of culture in all its forms through real support for research, from universities to schools to the Arts. And because we are inspired by strong principles and values, we aim to guarantee correctness, transparency, honesty and integrity in all areas of our work – always complying with the highest legal standards and guidelines, nationally.


Our successes are to a great extent due to our exploratory effectiveness, which is the result of advanced technology and our highly-qualified personnel. Our ability to create value over time is also thanks to our relationship networks with customers.


Continuing (SHAB) titional approach, we encourage cooperation and dialogue with local communities, respect for the environment and workers and the developme

Our Branches


Head quarter

(964) 770 223 9207 / (964) 782 863 9207

Iraq - Basra - Aljubaila


Erbil Branch

(964) 783 119 0000

Iraq - Erbil - 100st - 32 dist park - Close to passport office


Mosel Branch

(964) 773 944 3400 / (964) 750 855 0344

Iraq - model - Almajmooa district

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